Book Review: A Manual for Marco

A Manual for Marco

 Image courtesy of Loving Healing Press


A Manual for Marco is a wonderful story of an eight-year-old girl who decides to create a list of special and not-so-special qualities about her brother who has autism spectrum disorder.

This book does an amazing job of explaining through the eyes of a younger sister how autism affects her life.  It explains specific ways to cope with the challenges of autism and how others can learn about the disorder too.

I would highly recommend A Manual for Marco.  It is a well-illustrated book and sends a good message to children about how people with autism have special qualities in their own unique way and are still an important part of the family.

My son has many of the characteristics that are described in this book and I know this will help my youngest son understand why his older brother has so many challenges.  This book is a must read for anyone that has children with siblings.  It is written in the voice of a child and can help siblings and friends understand why some things can be so difficult for someone with autism.

A Manual for Marco was written and illustrated by award-winning author and designer Shaila Abdullah.  Additional artwork by 12-year-old artist Iman Trejpar is included in the book.

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