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Is Psoriasis Contagious : Psoriasis within Family

Author:   Tulia Ghobushi

Being diagnosed with psoriasis brings forth many worries, some of it will sound something like this – will I pass on psoriasis to my child? Can we share the same hand towel? Can constant exposure to my husband’s psoriasis contract me with psoriasis? Is psoriasis contagious?

It’s normal to have such worries, since we all are concerned about our family member’s well being. To answer this fundamental question: is psoriasis contagious? We need to first understand how psoriasis develops.

Psoriasis is attributed to genetics. Researchers believe psoriasis is heredity in nature for the most part. Yet, multiple other factors can flare up psoriasis, known as triggers. Psoriasis occurs due to the body’s immune system being falsely triggered causing rapid skin cell replacement than the normal cycle. This causes new skin cells to grow before current skin cells mature and die off. Silvery flakes forms from the affected red patched skin, causing itchy and burning sensation.

The key here, psoriasis is an internally induced disease. So, is psoriasis contagious? The answer is, no.

Contact and exposure to someone with psoriasis doesn’t cause psoriasis. This is scientifically proven. It is possible for family members to have it due to genetic factors. That doesn’t mean if you had psoriasis then your child will have it too. Genes are passed on from generation to generation; it is possible for you to be carrying genes from your great grandmother that causes psoriasis.

Psoriasis can worsen due to triggers; these include certain medications, climate and weather, infections, imbalanced diet, alcohol consumption and so on. These are mainly external stimulus that causes psoriasis to flare up. Psoriasis flaring ups doesn’t make it contagious. The affected area might become worse but it won’t spread extensively to other parts of the body or pass on to someone else.

So, our question ‘is psoriasis contagious’ completely answered?

Do take a note, psoriasis can occur due to triggering factor like an illness or infection. While it is not possible for psoriasis to be passed on, there are possibilities for the illness or infection to be contagious. You won’t be contracting psoriasis, but you can possibly contract the infection or illness from someone with psoriasis.

Taking care of family members with psoriasis during an illness or infection that worsens psoriasis can be vital. First of all, you are making sure their psoriasis isn’t getting worse than it used to be. Secondly, diagnosing the illness or infection can ensure no other family members contract them, which can possibly trigger psoriasis if they having the same types of genes.

Psoriasis is heredity, yet, taking precautions can be helpful, especially identifying and keeping an eye on trigger factors on family members with psoriasis.

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