Smart but Scattered Teens

Smart but Scattered Teen


Executive Skills are areas such as decision making, strategic planning and information management.  Executive skills are an important function to handle daily tasks or problems to live independently.  Smart but Scattered Teens written by Richard Guare, PhD, Peg Dawson, EdD, and Colin Guare is an informative guide for parents that are searching for a solution for their struggling teen.

Smart but Scattered Teens explains how the brain develops from birth to adolescence.   It gives good examples of what kind of teen you have and what type of parenting style you use.

The book gives great strategies for your teen to develop skills and how you as the parent can make changes to your daily life to help teach your teen to live independently.

I would highly recommend Smart but Scattered Teens for anyone that has a child that is struggling with daily functioning.  I do not have a teenager yet but I can see many deficiencies in my son’s executive skills.  I believe using the strategies from this book will help him with his executive skills and become more independent.

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