The Hope for Inclusion


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Inclusion is defined as the act of including and I found it refreshing to hear about inclusion in a sermon at church last summer.  I have a son with autism spectrum disorder and I know all about the lack of inclusion everywhere.

Even though we are taught that we are all God’s children I find it ironic that many people in church are not accepting at all.  Some of my most stressful encounters have been recently in church.  These are the same people that attend to be closer to God and yet they cannot even tolerate a child that is less than perfect.

The hurtful glares, the whispers to the person next to them, it all comes back to the parent, me, trying to teach my child how important God is to him and yet three feet away is a person yielding so much negativity it causes my blood to boil.

I know this is an issue that is experienced by everyone with a child that is typical or one that is struggling with challenges.  I wish everyone had to take a course in behavior, just as my child is taught how to behave in certain situations clearly these people need to be taught how to not behave in certain situations.

Unfortunately these people exist everywhere, in our communities, churches and even families.  I guess we are supposed to grow stronger and be the better person but it is tough.   Unfortunately many of these people will only see what they want to see.  There is a saying that “Knowledge is power” but there is a more powerful saying that “Ignorance is bliss.”

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