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Children have an innate gift of acceptance toward people and animals that if fostered will remain throughout adulthood. Finding top-rated children’s picture books that encourage tolerance of others can be difficult. Books share life moments that are unforgettable for children. Studies show that reading to children at an early age enlarges their vocabulary, increases their awareness of sounds and rhythms, and improves their attention spans. Encouraging your child to read award-winning children’s picture books brings quality to their life lessons and develops an understanding of people, places, and events that impact their lives. When combined with beautifully illustrated pages, children find meaning in the images, characters, and content. Cultivating a love of books in children is the single most valuable tool you can offer them.

As parents we want to influence our children positively by teaching them that all people are unique and wonderful in and of themselves. Accepting others for who they are is an important part of proper growth and development. There is a top-rated kid’s picture book that takes children on an adventure with a classroom and their desire to help a beloved duck named Lemon. Based on the author’s real-life experience with her pet duck, Laura Backman cleverly endears us to Lemon and teaches the reader the rewards of perseverance and acceptance. For those children who personally experience a special need that requires them to move around uniquely, Lemon the Duck will become a treasured read. Those children who know or spend their classroom time with a friend who has difficulty walking, Lemon the Duck will give insight and understanding.

Cheer along with Lemon as she strengthens her muscles and marvel at the resilience of the children who just want to help Lemon to walk. This award-winning children’s picture book is a must in every household for it allows children to become a part of a journey of hope and endurance. Laura Backman based Lemon the Duck on her own real-life experience with her pet duck, Lemon. This top-rated children’s picture book shares the struggles and triumphs of a little duck born with a balance problem. Lemon needed special attention and Ms. Lake’s class accepted the responsibility fully. Quack loudly with the children as they experiment and finally find a way for Lemon to muck around in the grass with the other ducks. It is a heartfelt journey for a group of children who learn a great deal of love from Lemon the Duck. Share this exciting, top-rated children’s picture book adventure with your child in the story time club via YouTube

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