Toys are More Than Just for Playing

Boy with blocks

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When I decided to homeschool my son, I never realized how toys would become part of our daily routine.  My son was not motivated to do his work and it was a daily struggle to get him to sit and do anything.  I joined a homeschool forum and begged for some ideas and surprisingly great recommendations came pouring in to my desperate plea for help.  They suggested using my son’s favorite toys to motivate him.

I decided to use train tracks because at that time that was his main toy choice.  Every time he did work he would get a piece of track and as he worked his track grew.  I also incorporated a picture schedule of each subject to let him see what he needed to do.

Another toy that can be beneficial is building blocks such as Legos.  My son loves them and plays with them almost every day.  He has fine motor issues and his therapist said that using the building blocks is great for kids with poor fine motor control because it makes them use their fingers and strengthens their muscles.

Besides toys there are other educational products that can help your child.  Phonics was a very difficult area for my son.  He knew his letters but the sounds were very challenging for him.  I discovered that there were children’s videos that taught phonics in a fun way and he loved them.  He watched the videos a couple of times and he learned all the sounds.  He still asks to watch the videos and says that he wants to learn something for that day.  After learning phonics his next progression was reading.  This was another area of difficulty, but with children’s educational technology such as LeapFrog I was able to incorporate their products which helped him learn to read.

There are so many toys and products that your child will love to use and as parents we love that they are helping our kids progress and learn.  For more information on the latest products from Legos and LeapFrog, please click on the links and discover great ways to motivate your children.

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