Tuesday’s Thoughts for 4/22/14

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Tuesday’s Thoughts is an opportunity for you to share a great story about your child.  There are so many challenges on a daily basis but there are also great accomplishments.

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There are times when progress can slip and seem to disappear.  What you may think are great strides may only be seen as tiny progress by professionals.

We recently had a doctor appointment with a neurobehavior psychologist to see how my son was progressing.  According to the doctor he is still very far behind and will most likely need to be in a group home as an adult.

This news came as a huge surprise to me and my family.  We have seen the accomplishments my son has made and we know what his abilities are so this doctor’s assumption was a shock.

The doctor spent a total of six hours with my son doing a variety of tests.  I knew he would not test well; he has never tested well.  He gets very anxious in new environments and I have been told many times that the results of the tests are a minimum of my son’s abilities.

I still have so much hope for my son.  I will continue to  support and help him become the best person he can be.  I have been told to “dream big” in my life and I will pass that onto him.  His disability is a part of his life but it will be his abilities that will allow him to achieve his dreams.

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