Tuesday’s Thoughts for 5/13/14

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Tuesday’s Thoughts is an opportunity for you to share a great story about your child.  There are so many challenges on a daily basis but there are also great accomplishments.

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I enjoy sharing stories about my two sons especially when they are about them getting along so well.  I recently spoke to my youngest son about some friends that he usually plays with.  He told me he saw a friend in his school walking down the hallway.  This friend is only four so I knew that he wasn’t attending the school yet but I knew he went there for speech therapy.  I told my son that he was in the school for speech therapy and he became very interested in the topic.  My older son who has autism also goes to speech and occupational therapy but we don’t call it that we lovingly call it “swing school.”

I explained to my son that his friend goes to speech therapy just like his brother because they need a little help speaking better.  My son then replied, “I don’t think there is anything wrong with the way Nolan speaks.”  It was such a sweet thing to say about his brother,  and it dawned on me that he is so used to the way his brother speaks that he thinks it is normal.

We haven’t had any discussions on Nolan’s disabilities yet.  I feel that Nolan is not mature enough to understand the pros and cons of it so until then I do not want him to think he has a disadvantage to making goals for his life.  And I do not want his younger brother to think any differently of his brother because of his disability.

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