Tuesday’s Thoughts for 9/16/2014

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Some may wonder why I decided to create this book series.  The idea came to me about a year ago when I was out walking one crisp morning just after I sent my two boys off to school.  I remembered how my boys used to love looking at their board books.  We used to bring them everywhere like in the car and at doctor offices to keep them occupied and of course to help them learn.

So now fast forward many years…technology has greatly improved.  Even though you still may see children with their board books, more than likely you will see children that are toting around tablets to keep them occupied.

So why is this book different and why is it targeted for visual learners?  Visual learners tend to benefit from pictures, graphs and other visually appealing materials.  I am a visual learner.  I used to take notes for everything in school because relying on what I heard wasn’t my best learning style.

There are some children with special needs that use visual cues to help them throughout the day.  My son is on the autism spectrum and when he was young we learned to use picture schedules to help him stay focused and alleviate transitioning between activities.  Being surrounded by so many visual aides gave me the idea to create books that would not only help children learn but not overstimulate with too many illustrations.  The books were created to be simple and fun.

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