Ways To Help Children Cope with Disability

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Written by: Amanda Clark

The first step to helping children cope with disability is to let them know they are not alone; no child can cope with a disability if they feel isolated. Children need constant support, and your presence is an important part of their journey toward accepting and living with their disabilities.

As a motivator, you must maintain a positive attitude. Children take cues from adults they trust, and if they sense something is wrong with you they will become uneasy. A positive attitude will allow children to feel at ease with themselves, which is crucial if they are trying to cope with disability.

You should also do as much research about the disability as possible. In order to truly help children cope with disability, you need to know exactly what they are going through, physically and mentally. This entails learning about the biological processes involved in the disability, as well and the emotional and mental effects the disability may have. This knowledge will give you the tools you need to earn the children’s trust. By demonstrating an understanding of their conditions you can become a reliable source of support for children with disabilities.

Once you have learned about the disability, you should share the information with the children; it will be easier for children to cope with a disability if they know exactly how it affects them. Armed with this knowledge, children will not be caught off guard by side effects or symptoms. Knowing about their disabilities will also help children feel more in control of their bodies and be better able to cope with their disabilities.

Another way to help children cope with disability is to be there for them. Let them know that you understand how hard it is for them to live with their disability, but that you also know they are capable of accomplishing great things. If you can balance knowledge, patience, empathy, and a positive attitude, you will be able to successfully help children cope with disability.

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